Add Your Art

Occasionally, circumstances arise that force collectors to sell their valuable Hargrove artwork. Some collectors see the purchase of Hargrove artwork as an investment. The art world has called Hargrove “the next Norman Rockwell” for many years and his work certainly appreciates. Should you find yourself in this position or are an investor looking to sell some Hargrove artwork, you can list your paintings on the Hargrove Gallery website.

To list your artwork on the Hargrove Gallery website, submit your payment through one of the PayPal links below and email the JPG image of your painting to Include the size, number of painting and price for each painting in your email. Your ad will be posted within 3 days. If you do not have a digital JPG image of your painting, please send a PHOTOGRAPH of the painting, allowing the painting to fill the entire photo area. DO NOT send printed images on standard paper.

Pay for your listing with PayPal and any major credit card or check!
Ad Rates are:
1 Painting
$50 until sale
2 Paintings
$100 until sale
3 Paintings
$120 until sale
4 Paintings
$140 until sale
5 Paintings
$160 until sale
6 Paintings
$180 until sale
7 Paintings
$200 until sale
8 Paintings
$220 until sale
9 Paintings
$240 until sale
10 Paintings
$250 until sale
Email Address, Price or Other Listing Change
$5 per change

Each listing gives you an e-mail link under the image of your painting so viewers can contact you directly. If you ever want/need to change the email address you have on a listing, use the Change of Email Address button above and send an email from the new mail address.

Please include the number of the painting (for limited editions), size, title and asking price.